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       About Us

We had an idea about a portal for Linux a long time back.We waited.We waited because we wanted to make a difference.We looked up a lot of sites on Linux.Really,we found some very good ones.Sites for news,downloads,controversy,penguin lifestyle,downloads you name you had it.

So,we asked ourselves Who we were? and whom we wanted to address.Kind of standing in front of a big mirror and understanding the reflection.We understood that we had technical expretise in the Linux arena.So what? one may ask.The whole open source concept thrives on expertise.We looked again and saw that we had a deep understanding of corporate IT strategy.IT implications on corporate strategy would be more appropriate.we decided that our deep expertise in the Linux area combined with our understanding of corporate requirements and implications would best serve the corporate IS managers.little surprise then that our service is driven by our corporate focus.

Our management and technical teams combine seasoned experience and world class academic inputs to construct the best mechanism to deliver.

Our corporate focus goes hand in hand with our technical expertise to provide you with filtered information that matters to your Enterprise.Our support teams are paranoid about downtime and share your responsibility in keeping your Linux applications- mainstream or otherwise in perfect working order.

We employ the best so you can have the best.

The portal provides a win-win environment for corporates and Linux professionals to meet and strike transact business for Linux services.Corporates will find this feature very useful to locate and assign Linux projects to professionals scattered around the globe. has initiated a Global Partner Program to consolidate the fragmented support function worldwide. This is being achieved by bringing Linux professionals under a single umbrella.


  • SUPPORT- A source for high quality and reliable 24X7 support
  • INFORMATION AND FEATURES- Corporate consultancy for
    • Linux Customization
    • Linux Migration
    • Application Porting
    • Linux Integration
    • Network Management
    • Open source strategy consulting
    • Parallel Computing and Clustering.
  • SOFTWARE INFORMATION – A complete run down on software available on Linux
  • APPLICATIONS INFORMATION – A complete listing of application software packages available on LINUX
  • PENGUIN CLUB - Perfect arena for peer to peer interaction and information sharing
  • ROUND TABLE - a forum for discussing and debating upon issues relating to Linux
  • LINUXPERTISE Global Partner Program- aims at consolidating support function.
  • LINUXPERTISE Market Maker: Perfect market to source Linux services at the most competitive prices.

Every effort has been made to make this portal as useful as possible to the IS managers.More features will be added .We hope these efforts will further our commitment and our contribution to the Linux movement worldwide.