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Ganesh Prasad

Ganesh Prasad is a senior web developer with Reply2, an Australian "dot-com" company that specialises in the e-CRM market He has over 13 years of experience in applications development, and has worked with a variety of platforms, from IBM mainframes, through VAX and Unix minicomputers, Windows client/server systems,
to Web and Java technologies.

He began his career with CMC Ltd., a leading Indian consultancy company that delivers turn-key solutions to large government and private sector clients. The computerisation of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port in 1990 was one of his major projects.

He later worked with the National Bank of Dubai in the Middle East,
implementing credit card systems and a Java-based Internet home-banking product, the first in the Middle East.

After migrating to Australia in 1998, Ganesh worked with the multinational systems integration company EDS, developing applications for EDS' largest Australian client, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He was on the team that developed ecommCorporate, the first Java-based Internet corporate banking product in Australia.

Joining Reply2 in May 2000, Ganesh is now helping to build a Web-based CRM product from the ground up, using Java to ensure cross-platform functionality. He is at home with both Linux and Windows, and recommends a judicious mix of  commercial
software, Open Source software and Java, to those building modern web-enabled applications.