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Code Fusion

Integration of ICS BX PRO with Cygnus Code Fusion IDE Provides a Visual Development Environment for Linux Application Developers.

The benefit of open source development has attracted both corporate and independent software developers. These users must then rely on sophisticated tools to help them build robust Linux applications quickly and efficiently. Cygnus' award winning product, Code Fusion meets these needs with the most Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available.

Code Fusion is optimized for Intel Architecture and combines the latest Cygnus-certified, open-source GNU tools release (compilers, debuggers, libs, utils) with a comprehensive, graphical IDE framework (code editor, class browsing, build and debug).

Code Fusion is optimized for the Intel Architecture to provide developers the tools for quickly and easily building the fastest applications possible. This complete Linux IDE features a C, C++, and Java tools, project manager, editor, graphical browsers and graphical debugger, to enhance developer productivity and reduce software product time-to-market. Cygnus Code Fusion supports all major Linux distributions to offer Linux developers the most flexibility in development on and for Linux

Native Tools

Code Fusion is ideal for Linux developers who want to customize and view their development environment. This complete Linux IDE features C, C++, and Java tools, a project manager, editor, graphical browsers, graphical debugger and is optimized for the Intel Pentium family of apps are built more quickly and run faster with Code Fusion.

The GNUPro Dev Kit for Linux is a command-line snapshot of the rapidly-evolving GNUPro tools for C and C++. GNUPro Dev Kit includes GNU compiler and debugger technologies plus the enhancements and extensions contributed by hundreds of developers Worldwide.

GNUPro PLUS is a complete development toolkit for native application development on a wide range of host platforms, including Solaris, Windows, Linux, HP-UX and others. The toolkit includes prebuilt, tested GNU compiler and debugger tools, graphical user interfaces for debugging and source code analysis, and extensive documentation. GNUPro PLUS includes source-level developer support to ensure development teams stay on schedule. Source-level developer support is the added ingredient that sets GNUPro PLUS apart from other tools solutions in the marketplace.

Cygwin is a UNIX/Linux shell environment and portability layer enabling delivery of open source projects to Windows. Cygwin provides corporate IT and software developers a solution for integrating a heterogeneous environment of Windows and UNIX-based systems. In addition, developers can use Cygwin to quickly migrate applications from UNIX to Windows.

Source-Navigator is an advanced source code analysis tool (i.e., source code browser) that lets you comprehend complex source code projects faster. With an editor, a project database and a powerful set of integrated browsers, you can extract source code of existing (C, C++, Java, Tcl, {incr tcl}, FORTRAN, Cobol) programs to understand, re-engineer, reuse or migrate code.

OMNIS Studio for Linux

OMNIS is one of the world's most powerful rapid application development environments. With it you can quickly and easily design unique business solutions for anything from looking after your address book to running an entire nation*. What's more, you can develop your application on one platform and deploy it to many others including Linux, Windows 95/98, NT, MacOS and via the web using OMNIS Web Client technology. You can also access your data from Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2 or via ODBC. Whatever your needs, OMNIS can provide the solution.

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