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Linux forays into yet another dynamic sector

ELTRAX Systems, Inc released the Linux version of the SQUiRREL(r) Restaurant Management System.This is an electronic point of sale system designed for use in the table service restaurant industry.

Red Hat Linux was selected as the terminal operating system for SQUiRREL's latest release. SQUiRREL is presently deployed in fifty hotel and restaurant sites worldwide. The power and flexibility of the Linux operating system allows SQUiRREL to run "diskless" and with lesser memory than that required by other operating systems.

The award winning SQUiRREL restaurant management system will run on a number of different hardware and software platforms.

Presently,Linux is the operating system at the point-of-sale workstation and Microsoft Windows NT is the operating system for the network file server.

Eltrax's release of SQUiRREL marks Linux's entry into the next generation applications in this dynamic industry.

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